The internet is much much bigger than you realise. We all know about Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, etc. But have you ever thought of anyone snooping around your online activity?If not you are not aware about the darknet.

Darknet is the term used to describe the hidden portion of the internet that is not proficiently accessible to public. It can beacessed only by using specified software, configuration and authorization. This portion of internet is not acessible through the general search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


   The websites or content on the darknet always have the anonymous owner. The identity of the owner of darknet content is secured by several layers of encryption one after another like we found a layer after layer in the onion. So, darknet is also often associated with encrypted part of internet called TOR (The Onion Router). Darknet not only hosts anonymous websites but also offers full anonymity to it's users. So, the activities on the darknet can never be identified or linked to a unique identity. This is what it makes the Darknet both the Most Safe and also most dangerous portion of internet.
what is darknet


Since Darknet provides full anonymity to both it's owner and users, darknet is used where the privacy is very critical. Darknet is used for the following purposes.Darknet is used by military to share their high level confidential information.
  • Darknet is used for Software Piracy. Since, most of the Websites with Pirated software service are banned by the search engines, they are hosted by darknet.
  • Darknet is used for illegal activities like Gambling, Pornography, Black Market, Drug Trafficking, Political Protest and so on. You can even order Murder of a person from the Darknet.
  • Mostly, the nudity and private life of the celebrities are leaked in the darknet. Darknet is commonly used by hackers; who can always be snooping around them.
  • Darknet is also used for the research of the internet threats, computer viruses and malwares. Mostly, these stuffs are created by the anonymous users so we can find more information about these threats from darknet.
  • Darknet is also used to overcome the government restriction upon certain websites and also some unauthorized one.
  • Darknet is used for hiding whistle-blowers and sources. In journalism, sometimes there are too sensitive news and information to share them publicly. Since, darknet provides full anonymity, they can be easily published in darknet. 


   Darknet can be accessed only by using specified authorization, softwares and configuration that can resolves .onion websites. The easiest way to access darknet is to use TOR (The Onion Router) which is a free software with configuration to resolve .onion links and gives us acess to darknet. Tor is easily available in Android Store also.

    Few darknet links to get you started:
    • Onion.link
    • tor2web.org
    • vlib.org
    • icerocket.com
    • hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion.to
    • lookahead.surfwax.com
    • DARPA Memex
    • freebase.com
    Normal search Engines cannot locate the darknet links. So you must use the Darknet Search Engines like 
    The Tor Search Engine called Torch or the Duck Duck Go’s .onion version to search for websites.