As per the report of International Telecommunication Union, 2018 55.1% of the world's population has internet access and among these about 71% people uses one or more kind of social media platform. These figures are on the increasing trends.These data shows the craze of Internet among the peoples. But do these people know how safe they are on the internet?

online security


As mentioned above 71% of the total internet users have at least an Account on any one of the social media platform. Many of us uses the public Wi-Fi and Hotspot in Cafes,Hotels, etc to access internet. But is it safe to use the public Network to share the Pictures from your device to social media? Obviously not, this may lead to leakage of your private gallery like we see several times the private Pictures of the celebrities leaking in the internet. The another factor to be noted about the information in your Profile of Social media account. It is not regarded safe to share too much private info on your Social Media Bio.

Besides these you may think that no one know what you are watching in the social media platform and the private information you provide to Facebook are safe. If it is so you are totally wrong. Just a Year ago Facebook was blamed for selling the Personal Information of their users to several companies. So never trust the online world with your privacy.


Hackers are the biggest threat of the online world. Hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. There are generally two types of Hackers: Black Hat (Those who breaks into someone system and exploit it without authorization) and White Hat (Hackers who work for Cyber Security testing and also fight against the Black Hat hackers.)

The problem that we face is due to Black Hat. You may be shocked to know what modern hackers are capable of. In this growing era of technology the use of Computers and Networks has increased and with this the online threat are also increasing.  You may be trapped by hackers while you are browsing a malicious website or the can even click your naked pictures using your mobile phone. Modern hackers can even stop your heartbeat if you are lying on a hospital bed with heart problem. The can do so by entering the computer  network  of the hospital as all the devices used in hospitals are computer controlled. Hackers can empty your bank account and can even sell your private informations.  



VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are mentioned most when talking about modern online security. But are VPNs really trust worthy? Using VPN means all your requests are served by the VPN server for your rather than directly connecting you to the Web Servers. So the security you get using VPN depends upon how secure is the VPN service you are using. There are hundreds of VPn services available which are either Premium or Freemium. The free VPN services have weak security as they are mainly to change your IP address and hence to change your Internet location so you can unblock the Geographically blocked content online. Hence they have very low security and they couldn't protect your data. So, I recommend you to trust only upon the Paid VPN service.